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HOA Managers will provide services on a cost per property basis plus out-of-pocket expenses, e.g., postage, copy services and supplies for the following services:

Start-Up Services:

There are many functions that need to be performed in setting up a Homeowners Association. This includes entering the relevant data about the property into the homeowner database which includes owner information, tenant information, real estate management company information and legal and tax assessor information. In addition, owner information will be set up in the accounting and billing system.

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Routine Management Services:

During the year there are many services that HOA Managers, LLC will perform as part of the routine management functions. These services will include:

• Process initial billing for homeowners’ dues.

• Process invoices for 30, 60 and 90 day past due accounts.

• Refer past due accounts to a collection agency or the Association’s legal council.

• Maintaining the homeowner database on a quarterly basis.

• Maintaining the Association accounting records and prepare quarterly financial statements.

• Assist the Board in the preparation of the annual budget.

• Processing and paying vendor invoices.

• Processing and depositing homeowners’ dues.

• Maintain the Association website.

• Provide financial information to the Association’s accountant for preparation of the annual audit and tax returns.

• Provide information to the Association’s legal council for preparation of the annual filing to the Secretary of State and other filings.

• Attend the quarterly Board meetings and the annual Association meeting.

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Other Services:

HOA Managers, LLC will provide other services to the Homeowners Association based on the Board’s needs. These may include:

• Sending notices to homeowners who are in violation of the CC&Rs or policies and procedures.

• Sending notices to homeowners concerning architectural review plans.

• Keep the Board updated on progress with property owner.

• Reviewing building plans to insure compliance with the architectural guidelines contained in the Association’s Bylaws.

• Mailing minutes, notices and other correspondence to the individual homeowners.

• Coordinating the preparation of the quarterly newsletter.

• Meeting with the Homeowners Association’s attorney, accountant, banker or other consultants on matters not included in Routine Services.

• Establish a website to enhance communication between the Board and the homeowners.

• Obtain bids for subcontracted services.

• Obtain proposals for professional services, e.g., insurance coverage, legal and accounting.

• Supervise subcontractors.

• Establish bank accounts, money markets and reserve accounts.

• Manage the Association’s contracts.

• Serve as the Association’s contact with property owners, Board members, contractors and third party agencies.

• Assist in the development of formal policies and procedures.

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Developer Services:

Today, more developers are being required by the approving authority to establish a Homeowners Association as a condition of approving the development. HOA Managers, LLC provides a comprehensive amount of association services to developers that allows builds to do what they do best, build. We provide the following services to developers:

• Draft initial legal documents that meet state requirements thereby saving a substantial amount in legal fees.

• Prepare the Association’s initial budget.

• Draft policies and procedures for processing billing for dues, payment of vendor invoices, architectural review, CC&R compliance.

• Communicate with the homeowners and builders to help foster a strong relationship between the homeowner and the developer.

• Establish an accounting system and homeowner/builder database.

• Coordinate with the Title companies to insure that the initial purchaser is provided with the Association bylaws, CC&Rs and policies and procedures.

• Establish an Association website to enhance communications with the homeowner and to allow developers to view association financial reports online.

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